WEK for Windows


WEK for Windows is currently one of the fastest software programs for clubs and countries to create results for swim events for Windows.



WEK for Windows is currently one of the fastest software programs for clubs and countries to create results for swim events for Windows.

You can run even meets with thousands of starts. Data import and export is possible for LENEX 2, LENEX 3, DSV 5, DSV 6, and 7 formats and the online platform “myResults”.

Key features:

  • Management of an unlimited number of events with all the associated information such as sections, special designations, long-distance competitions, ratings (up to 100 per competition), additional texts, entry fees per competition, special designations per competition (e.g. record information)
  • Automatic generation of entry diskettes (clubs can use these diskettes to submit electronic entry files to you without the software)
  • Management of an unlimited number of clubs with address and e-mail, list printing, label printing, club participant labels
  • Management of an unlimited number of swimmers, master swimming database from which swimmers can be taken over, separate time management for each event to enable the evaluation and registration of several events at the same time
  • Management and update possibility of records and LEN points definition and
  • Printing of cup ratings by times, places, LEN points and all-around rating
  • Free definition of certificates in any available Windows font – you can place each data field freely (left-justified, right-justified, centered, …) and provide each with your own font and font style
  • Printing of cross-off lists, participant lists, entry lists, entry confirmations, entry fee lists, receipts, invoices, club lists, nation lists, schedules, competition sequences (with and without ratings)
  • Printing of entry results with different sorting (entry times, rating without change of heat in case of change of rating, rating without change of heat with final character (last run not times and not according to rating), rating with change of heat, Masters, Masters with final character, OpenWater (print by waves))
  • very simple manual re-enactment of reporting results
  • Quick change of participants and messages even during the event
  • Recording of swum times, reaction times, special treatments (disqu., not at the start, out of competition, …)
  • Connection of Visual Orpheus for automatic reading of intermediate times, end times, lane occupancy, reaction times, disqualifications, etc.
  • Printing of correction sheets
  • Printing and evaluation of final competitions (A, B, semi-finals, intermediate heats, preliminary heats, etc.)
  • Printing of logs, special logs (press, age groups, participants), list of increased subsequent registration fees, cup statuses, medal table, best individual performances (also per club), lists of total points
  • Various setting options for all outputs Software and printouts in different languages (English, German, …)
  • automatic record recognition integration of advertising graphics and advertising texts
  • Connection of Visual Viewer and Visual Orpheus
  • Creation of Ares21 data files (competition sequence, participant database, starting grid, …)
  • HTML export of various lists
  • Data exchange (import/export) with different formats: WSV 2, WSV 3, DSV 4, LENEX, compressed LENEX
  • EUROCONSULT LiveUpdate – update function via the Internet
  • and many more features…


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