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Euroconsult Munich offers a selection of Software for Swimsport Events.
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Available Software

Current Software Versions

WEK for Windows: 6.2020.0703
Orpheus for Windows: 6.2018.0226
MSECM® myResults APP: 1.0.7

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Latest News

  • WEK for Windows Update 6.2023.0117

    We released a new Update for WEK for Windows that includes several changes to adopt the new DSV Standard Version 7 from August 31, 2022.

    The new Version 7 is valid starting from January 1, 2023. The older Version 6 Standard remains valid till July 31, 2023. Beginning August 1, 2023, only the new Version 7 will be valid for swimming competitions.

    This Update includes the following changes
    • 796242: Update WEK to support the new DSV Format 7
    • 682418: Update point tables to include the latest additions
    Key changes in DSV Standard 7
    • Introduction of nationality in entries and results
    • Introduction of simplified competitions
    • Open-water mark no longer applies when assigned to the best list
    • Introduction of the gender “diverse” if required in the future
    • Introducing Para competitions
    • Introducing additional designations for referees
    Download the Update

    The Update can be downloaded free of charge here: Update WEK 6.2023.0117

    Installation Instructions:

    Exit WEK for Windows and open the downloaded .ZIP file on your Windows computer. When asked where to extract it to, extract it to the main folder of your WEK for Windows installation (for example C:\MSECM\MSECM_WEK_6_2020_0703). It will then ask you if you want to replace 8 files and you have to allow it to replace all 8 files. Once complete start your WEK for Windows as usual.

    We recommend making a backup of your WEK for Windows directory in case you encounter any problems so you can easily revert to the original installation. If you encounter any difficulties feel free to reach out to us at support@ec-munich.com.

  • Changes in Version 2020.0703

      The following changes are implemented in Version 2020.0703:

      • 218616: Optimization of mandatory times configuration
      • 457209: Optimization of export results in DSV6 and LENEX for relays