EUROCONSULT swimming software

Click the caption to get detailed information about the EUROCONSULT sport software programs. Nearly all EUROCONSULT software programs have integrated internet- and CIS-Online.NET services!! [more]


Current software versions

WEK for Windows: 5.2012.1128
Atalante for Windows: 5.2008.1121.0
Orpheus for Windows: 5.2009.701.0


Installation options for Microsoft Windows Vista

To install and start EUROCONSULT software programs in Microsoft Windows Vista, a special installationprocess is needed. Here you get the needed information to run the applications in Windows Vista. [more]


Additional modules and updates of current optional modules

Ab sofort bietet die MSECM® GmbH diverse Zusatzmodule sowie Updates bisheriger EUROCONSULT Module für unsere Softwareprogramme im Bereich Sport an. 
Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie direkt bei der MSECM® GmbH: Link.


Update points 2013 for Visual WEK and Visual Atalante

Updated points for Visual WEK and Visual Atalante

The update contains besides the FINA points now the DSV Masters points 2013.
To install the points, please unzip the files into the "DATEN" folder in your software installation path.

Link: Update


Update Visual WEK

New version with the current FINA points, enhanced export routine for data files and a better configuration for sending emails within the software.
To send emails with an Google mail account, please activate SSL and authentication and set the port 465.

Link: Download


Update Points Visual WEK and Visual Atalante

Updated points for Visual WEK and Visual Atalante
To install the points, please unzip the files into the "DATEN" folder in your software installation path.

Link: Update


Update Visual WEK - DMS 2011

The Update contains the changed event structure for DMS events.
Please unzip the ZIP file in the DMS folder of Visual WEK installation path.

Link: Update



Patch for import files in Visual Atalante and Visual WEK

Patch for a the LENEX 2 data import (Visual Atalante and Visual WEK).
To install it, please download the ZIP file and expand it in the main folder of your application (overwrite existing files)

Link: Patch


New reference times available

The new DSV point system reference times are available for Visual WEK and Visual Atalante. (incl. changes from DSV)